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Likestarlings is poetic collaboration/conversation at the poem level rather than at the line level.

It has some quality poets taking part.

The Cleave webzine was mentioned on their blog:

“One of the people to get in touch Dr Phuoc-Tan Diep, who runs Cleave Poetry webzine, a similar and ambitious online experiment in collaborative poetics, we recommend it.”

I will begin with a half-line and hopefully some brave adventurous soul will cleave with me:

The swish of fireside wings –

The Cleave Matrix is for poets to pair up and create joint cleave poems.

1. email me your name and your cleave partner’s, or start the cleave and wait for a partner
2. email me your first half-line
3. I will post your first half-line
4. from then on use the comments section to add to the cleave poem
5. email me when you have finished your cleave and I will post it in the main body of the post

If there are any further questions or need for clarification please:
email me:
cleavepoetry (at) gmail (dot) com